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Nomad Therapy Maduro

All three blends of the Therapy line are available in the same two sizes – Robusto and Toro. This cigar was blended by Master blender AJ Fernandez at his factory. The size up for review is the robusto.

Nomad Therapy Maduro

Wrapper: Pennsylvania Broadleaf

Binder: Habano Jalapa

Filler: Nicaraguan

The cigar has a few visible veins and seams. It's pretty smooth to the touch. I punch the cap and the cold draw presents a cherry and coffee sweetness. I also detected the same on the foot.

1st Third: I'm immediately hit with a hefty amount of black pepper and a mocha flavor. A very wonderful flavor combination in my opinion. The main flavors detected are earth and that mocha flavor. Notes of cherry and pepper are in the back hovering around the retro. The output is great, and the burn is a little wonky. The draw is as expected from a Nomad…top notch...

2nd Third: Flavors are still consistently the same with the earth and mocha, but that cherry sweetness has morphed more into a chocolaty note. The pepper is absolutely still around, and it's switching gears and revving and idling its engine. I'm just waiting on the full pepper assault now. The smoke output is still great, and so is the draw. The burn has improved some with only a touch-up required.

Final Third: The pepper has come out swinging throwing haymaker after haymaker along with the earthy note in the forefront. The sweetness has died down considerably, but it's still detectable. The retro has transformed into a lovely citrus like zing. The cigar finishes cool to the touch and the burn has improved even more.

BURN: 8.6



DRAW: 9.3


OVERALL: 9.1(Box it up)

Nomad still killing it as usual. Fred Rewey definitely knows what a good full body cigar is all about. He has a couple humidor staples in my humidor.

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