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A Celebration is Worth the Wait

There comes a time in every person’s life when you need to celebrate. Yes I said need, because I believe it’s important to occasionally remind yourself why you worked so hard in the first place. Sometimes it's a large purchase such as a home, or it could be a tedious project at work or university degree, and sometimes it’s a celebration of a child being born. Whatever your reasons you need to keep your spirits up and motivate others. My recent epiphany comes in the form of our most largest of purchases, a house. Now I know for many of you buying a house is something done a long time ago and everyone does it so who cares? Well, technically no one really cares except for the new homeowners.

It has been about 10 years since my wife and I have been working to be in a position to purchase a house. A celebration of this occasion deserves something special, something unique. A friend of mine gave me (yes gave me) a Davidoff Year of the Rooster Diadema about 3.5 years ago, and it has been aging quietly in my home humidor ever since. I told myself when I purchase my first house I’m going to smoke this special cigar. There is something to be said when it comes to smoking a cigar in time of celebration. You are more focused with anticipation to smoke a cigar then just your average daily reasons like clocking out from work or going to the dog park. This occasion however, your occasion, is an accomplishment that needs to be cherished and gratefully cigars are a perfect compliment to help you soak in the moment. I’d like to challenge you to go on a shopping spree and find either a single or a box of your absolute favorite smoke and set them aside. (Maybe put them in a separate humidor where you won’t be tempted to smoke it until the right time). Then when you are all settled and it’s time to relax, take a day off and sit outside one morning with a cup of your favorite beverage.

If you can use a cedar spill or soft flame (weather permitting) and before cutting off the cap, toast the foot of the cigar. I recommend a soft flame because it burns around 500 degrees cooler than torch flame. You’re less likely to char the foot and have that bitter burnt taste. Slowly create an even glowing red ember and let it rest for a few seconds to settle down. Once your cigar is evenly lit and ready to go, then cut the cap and take a couple puffs. Do not rush this process as you want to savor every detail. You just spent "x" amount of time and money to get to this point, it's time you indulge yourself a little.

Personally, I prefer a Jim Collins novel and some Eagles music on my Bowers and Wilkins T7 outdoor music player. Since I do occasionally write blogs I will document my experience, but I also make it a point not to review a cigar like this because of the unique circumstances. In Tobacconist University terms this would be called "Emotional Taste Perception", where your environment and surroundings can influence the quality of the cigar. This is a time to forget the cigar review and simply enjoy one of natures pleasures without interruption or overthinking. This is a time to be you and share your moment how you see fit. For most people this experience comes once in a lifetime; so unless you're in the habit of earning a Doctorates Degree or buying a house for yourself every year you’re gonna be riding this train once.

My opinion, however, is not the only one that matters. Please feel free to share with us your experience and how you setup your special occasion and which cigar you chose! We would love to hear from you, please check us out on Facebook and Twitter at Cigar Tipsters. Also you can follow our podcast on Sticher, iTunes, and Google Play.

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