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Gracias, Amigo

We as a cigar loving people appreciate all the hard work and labor it takes to make a premium product like a cigar. That's why I'm dedicating this post as a gratitude to all contributors of this great and steadfast industry. From the time the seeds are planted into the ground to the time they are put into the box as many as three hundred sets of hands are responsible for the creation of the cigars. Just to give you an idea of a few of the workers involved I'm gonna explain a few of the roles required for harvesting.

You have the vegueros, or field farmers, who harvest the leaves and maintain the plants for optimum growth and fertilization of soil. They are meticulous enough to cut the flowers that bloom at the tip of the plant to re-direct the nutrients back to the plant. Then you have the first set or sorters of the leaves from the wrapper, to the binder, and then the filler leaves. The ligada manager selects the leaves which give the cigar it's particular characteristics by selecting from the three leaf classes; viso, seco, and ligero. Then you have the torcedors , the cigar rollers, who actually make the cigars you and I enjoy. Then you have a bunch of people in between and then finally the tobacconist who pairs you, the customer, with the cigar that best suits your taste. You should give thanks to all members who are seen and unseen in making these products. Don't take cigars for granted because there is a government out there trying to revoke your right to enjoy them. So enjoy them to their fullest extent and give thanks to your tobacconist. They are not just working to serve you, they are working for the freedom to serve you.

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