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I’m Looking to Bic a Fight

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I am sitting outside in my screened in front porch in my chair, a tall hot coffee, a cigar and the usual relative accoutrements such as my Xikar lighter, cutter, and a recently purchased Xikar ashtray (hint: I like Xikar). My IPad is sitting propped up playing my favorite tv show. I take a extended sip of fresh brewed coffee, and I begin the calming ritual of cutting and lighting. Let’s remove the cap, and slowly ignite the foot with my $55 dollar Xikar lighter. (Stay with me I promise there is a point to all this)

During my down time, I’m tuning in to the media of some of my favorite cigar merchants and manufactures such as Matt Booth of Room 101, Kyle Jellis of Warped Cigars, and Edward Sahakian owner and proprietor of Davidoff of London. As I’m watch them review or advertise their new products, I noticed something peculiar; a trend among these individuals is the use of a simple bic lighter instead of a ”cigar only” butane lighter or a match. This sparked a debate between Mark Jr. and myself to ask the big question…are these more expensive sole-butane lighters really necessary? (Keep in mind some lighters can be as inexpensive as a few dollars, or as costly as a few thousand)

Over the years it has been preached online not use a lighter with fluid, a candle, or a stove. Reason being you don’t want any other additives or chemicals to interfere with the oils and flavors of the cigar. That makes sense of course, but recently I‘m seeing well known cigar makers and merchants using bic lighters instead of their own. It’s a minute observation, but there is a hefty sales market for cigar lighters and accessories.

Think of it this way, (this is how Mark Jr put it) does your $1,200.00 ST DuPont lighter create a flame any hotter than a $ 1.99 Bic lighter? It does not, yet everyday (myself included) we buy fancier and more exclusive lighters for one purpose; owning a name brand product. Each flame generates the same degree of heat (Around 1400 F for a soft flame, and around 1900 F for a torch flame). I know you’re thinking “Ben who really cares what these guys use?”. That’s a fair point, However, if you think about it when was the last time you lit a cigar using a Bic Lighter? Most of you probably haven’t, but I’m guessing it’s also because we were told not to. We were under the impression that using a Bic lighter would turn our experience, and therefore need to spend more on butane lighters. Maybe their butane lighters? Maybe for a profit?

Maybe because we have all learned from these same constituents to never light your cigar with fluid or a candle etc etc…Yet recently we see them using the very item they told us not to use. However, I’m on a mission, that mission is to listen, learn, and share my knowledge and thoughts and seek understanding from different peoples’ perspectives.

Personally, I’m still going to buy their butane lighters to support them because I think they earned it. Also, deep down I want to give the tobacco the respect it deserves and avoid any chemical that could alter the flavors of the cigar. In a pinch if I somehow find myself in a predicament requiring me to use a bic lighter, then sure. I want to pay homage to the tobacco, but I also want to enjoy the tobacco. What do you think? Is it ok to uses a Bic lighter to light your next cigar? Stay tuned for part 2 where we discuss which accessory you should spend your money on…

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