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Vision Statement

 Here we are all Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, and we use this website as a conduit to express our ideas, our thoughts, and our passions to the outside world. Only through unity and communication can we stand up for our rights as free individuals to enjoy a premium cigar as we see fit. Welcome to Cigar Tipsters, and let the debates begin...


Mark Snider


Co-Founder of Cigar Tipsters and a cigar smoker for nearly a decade.  I enjoy the cigar lifestyle and the lasting friendships that come from it.


Ben Balliro

Blog Writer and Co-Host

Blog Writer and Co-Host for Cigar Tipsters. I've enjoyed cigars for over 16 years. I've made lifelong friends from this industry, and I'm just getting warmed up.


Jerry Garrett

Podcast Co-Host

Recently retired after nearly a decade in the cigar industry.  Now, the newest co-host of the Cigar Tipsters Podcast.


Mark Snider Sr.

Co-Founder and Co-Host

Co-Founder of the Cigar Tipsters website and one of the Co-Host of the Cigar Tipsters Podcast.

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