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GTO Painkiller Lancero

I have always been a fan of Lancero cigars. That specific size means more wrapper and less filler, and as we all know a significant amount of flavor comes from the wrapper of a cigar. Plus the more uniform burn and attention to detail means a better draw, which means more flavor. You get the picture. The Lancero in question today is the GTO Painkiller Lancero. GTO Painkiller is manufactured at the Tabacelera GTO Dominicans factory in the Valle del Cibao region of the Dominican Republic. According to the GTO Dominicana website this cigar line was developed in commemoration to the loyal Dominican cigar workers and respectively is a Dominican Puro. It has a Dominican Ligero filler, Dominican Habano binder, and a Maduro wrapper.

Myself and Junior have had the pleasure of meeting Oscar Rodriguez, (CEO and master blender of GTO Cigars) and his passion for making great cigars is genuine. He knows his stuff and his quality craftsmanship is evident in his cigars. His Painkiller Line is one of his most popular lines and it's a bargain! MSRP on this stick is round 8 bucks and for a Lancero that's pretty good considering most other lanceros are double digits. The GTO Maduro Lancero is medium bodied and full flavored with notes of sweet earth, black pepper, and cacoa beans. This cigar is also has a slightly toothy wrapper which contributes to the cigar's balanced sweetness and even burn. I recommend checking with your local tobacconist shop and see if they carry any of the GTO brand of cigars, you won't be disappointed.

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