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Your Zen Zone

Updated: Sep 2

We know that smoking a cigar takes time and dedication. You also have to have somewhere to smoke. An area you can call your HQ, you inner sanctum, your zen zone. When you remove yourself from distractions and designate "your" spot, you can enhance your experience. This goes one level further, however, when you smoke a cigar it forces you to take time for yourself and put your mind at rest for a while. So take this time and use it wisely; read your favorite book, listen to your favorite music, talk to a best friend or spouse about your troubles and praises and everything in between. As mentioned in a previous article I find the cigar fulfills your purpose as you fulfill its.

I would like to suggest something to you. Find, build, or buy a phrontistery that you can set aside to reflect and to think. Use it as a time of meditation or a time of camaraderie. Like Ray Lewis said, “…Every man needs, in the course of 24 hours, a point of renewal..”. I think he has a point, much can and does happen in the course of 24 hours, and time to reflect on your situation and gather your thoughts are important. Some go to the gym, other’s may to their garden, garage, or their office to relax and think.

I use premium smokes as my getaway; both figuratively and literally. A cigar in the morning, along with coffee, can help prepare you for the day. Reflection does not have to be matutinal, however, mid afternoon or evening works just as well. As long as you are relaxing then the vitrue of the leaf is in order. What better way to enjoy your time, then your zone of zen.Thank you for reading.

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