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Going Mobile

Sure you can go through the hassles of opening up your own cigar lounge and bar. The effort is commendable and appreciated by many supporters. You‘re willing to go through the trouble of leasing the property, looking at demographic data, renovations, parking situation, licensing, paperwork, inventory, staffing, marketing, and a myriad of additional perfunctory to wait for business to come to you…or, you can do what several entrepreneurs have started doing and open a mobile cigar lounge and bring the business to them.

Take for example the 1911 Mobile Cigar Lounge which was founded by a former security guard Marcus Wilson. In an article written by Stephanie Claytor of she mentions ”…the Rollin Cigar Lounge gives small groups of people a chance to gather and smoke cigars in a comfortable RV…”. He concluded that opening a traditional B&M store might be too costly, so he decided to renovate an RV instead. It’s less expensive and more mobile. Meaning he can bring the party to you, rather than you go to him. He sells his mobile cigar lounge services to business functions, weddings, and parties.

A similar and more venerable mobile cigar lounge is the Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge

They are probably the most noted mobile cigar business. Their website reads, “Castillo Mobile Cigar Lounge is a rental business based out of Greer, South Carolina that provides a unique experience for weddings and other special occasions. This team of event professionals will bring their chic mobile lounge to locations in upstate South Carolina and surrounding areas…”

Based on information from their site, I would say they have a pretty good setup. Basic packages start at $900 for three hours all the way up to $5K for the full 12 hour Monty. However you want to have a good time, they have something for you in mind. It’s a wonderful template for public and private ocassions such as weddings, business, celebratory, whatever you like.“.

If you fancy a more upscale mobile cigar experience, then take former Tampa Bay Lightning 2004 Stanley Cup Champions and cigar lovers Dave Andreychuck and Stan Neckar. They collborated and created The Mobile Cigar Lounge Company. It’s an Airstream that’s been converted to a luxury lounge on wheels that can host public parties and private events. Leather chairs with a large screen tv, A/C, drinks bar, and a torcedor on hand to roll cigars for you and your guests in real time (they will even have a cigar made especially for you at special request). That’s some serious luxury for an Airstream if you ask me. They don’t have prices listed on their site or ”packages” to choose from, so my guess is they charge A La Carte, but in my opinion you get what you pay for.

These are just a handful of the more well known mobile cigar lounges and examples of hard work and innovation. If you can think of any other cool cigar business ideas, share them on our website or on our show Cigar Tipsters, and we might just consider mentioning it. Thank for you reading.

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