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Times to Remember

One of the cornerstones of enjoying a premium cigar is the time it takes to enjoy one. Unlike cigarettes, a cigar forces you to slow down, take your time and enjoy the experience. These experiences can be enjoyed in a variety of ways; reading a book, lunch break at work, or with friends and family during holidays or special occasions. A cigar only has one function, and that is to make your experience memorable. That's why they are designed to be smoked over the course of an hour or so. Today is no exception, it's Easter Sunday and I am smoking a Belle Artes by AJ Fernandez while sitting in a dog park at a comfortable 76 Degrees. Today on Easter Sunday I take a pause to thank the Lord for a free moment to reflect and pray thanks for His mercy.

We spend so much time focusing on tomorrow that we forget to spend time for ourselves today. I can tell you that I have never smoked a cigar and felt angry or upset about it. Instead it's a mental time-out from the world. My recommendation, whether you are a veteran cigar smoker or a newbie, setup a time with your friends and family, bring a few cigars with you, put the electronics down, and have dinner and talk to one another. Heck you might even convince a member to try a cigar! Also, don't make the stereotypical mistake and think it's only men who want to try cigars. Ask the ladies too, you might be surprised. I've been to several occasions where the wives or girlfriends of one of my buddies tell me "Oh what is that, can I try one?" Or "What's so special about smoking cigars?" Little by little you start teaching them about cigars and the lifestyle it brings and sometimes they get intrigued. Whether they keep smoking cigars or not doesn't really matter, all that matters is that everyone should have equal opportunity to enjoy a fine cigar.

If you have a memorable cigar moment you want to share, tell us about it! We love to hear inspirational stories from fellow cigar smokers like you and we may even share it on our next podcast. Happy Easter and Salute!

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