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David P Ehrlich Tremont Robusto

The guy on the band indicates it must have tobacco from the mid 19th century; the good old days of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper. Ok that's a little far fetched, but actually this cigar is as modern as any other cigar made today.

Mike Bellody of MLB Cigar Ventures released the David P. Ehrlich Tremont line of cigars at the 2016 IPCPR Trade Show in Las Vegas, but there is a unique story behind the band.

David P Ehrlich worked in the pipe industry in Boston in the late 19th Century. He was a pupil to Ferdinand Abraham who originally opened a pipe shop in Boston in 1868. David eventually married Ferdinanad's daughter, took over the family business, and renamed the shop in his name. About 40 years ago The Ehrlich family sold to the Macdonald family and Barry Macdonald became the general manager for the David P Ehrlich Company. The Boston pipe shop eventually closed in 2011, but was the lounge of choice to Mike who started smoking cigars in David's shop several years prior. Barry was the general manager for the David P Ehrlich Company, but has since then become the national sales manager for Mike Bellody and MLB Cigar Ventures.

Barry's father, Paul, was managing the Ehrlich retail shop in the 1990's and was one of the first shops to introduce the now infamous brand La Gloria Cubana (owned by Ernesto Perez-Carrillo) to the world. At the 2015 IPCPR Covention and Trade Show MLB Cigar Ventures was "ironically" located next to the E.P. Carrillo booth.

Having a previous affiliation with Barry's father, E.P. Carrillo and Mike immediately hit it off. Mike, Barry, and Ernesto got together to develop the David P. Ehrlich Tremont blend of cigars. This first blend was named after the street in Boston where David Ehrilich was most affiliated with, and an iconic landmark in the Boston area. Also the original logo was modified to exchange the pipe in the gentlemen's hand with a cigar and added MLB Cigar Ventures on the back. MLB Cigar Ventures also released the Imperia Aventador summer of last year.

The David Ehrlich Tremont, seen in this photo, is currently being produced at the same factory as other EPC cigars Tabacalera La Alianza.

There are currently five sizes of this cigar: Corona, Robusto, Toro, Churchill, and Gordo with an MSRP between $8-$11, depending on the market. This cigar boasts an Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper with Nicaraguan binder, and a mix of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler.

Having just smoked this while writing this blog I can tell you it is full flavored, medium to full bodied, and a clean presentation with a silky smooth wrapper. Here is a list of places you can buy MLB Cigars, however I purchased mine at Premium Cigars of GA in Marietta. I recommend trying this brand at least once, you will not be disappointed.

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