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AKA Solace Review - 7.2/10

One of my Favorite Cigar Haunts – Lone Star Tobacco in Vintage Park had an event recently that featured Jay Lundy from American Kick Ass Cigars. AKA is a newer boutique company founded here in Texas in 2010 focused on Quality products with a fun, exciting edgy nature. The Solace is one of the four lines they currently produce. The Hybrid, Respect 2013 and Nth Degree are the others; I may need to review each one at some point.

The Solace comes in a variety of sizes – 8 to be exact. From the Harmony to the Elation they are sure to offer you the stick of your preference. Their construction is top quality with a firm solid feel throughout the length.

The wrapper is a beautiful golden brown almost light caramel color and is very pleasing to the eyeball test. The Chrome on the bands definitely grabs your attention. In fact it screams AMERICAN!

To my surprise the Solace starts out with a bite of pepper upon first lighting. The light Connecticut wrapper is deceiving. The Solace however quickly mellows into a nice blend of creamy smooth flavors. In the second third you can pick up the creamy marshmallow, with hints of chocolate and sweet hay. This is a very nicely balanced smoke.

The draw is on the cool side, which I like but it is a bit tight. In the final third the pepper comes back for a brief visit. Not overwhelming but a pleasant bite nonetheless.

I believe, this cigar would make a great morning smoke with a hot cup coffee or when you are looking for that smooth balanced smoke that still holds your interest, this cigar is for you.

Support your local Cigar Shops and go buy some AKA’s today.

Thanks for reading… Jon

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