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Good Cigar Co.? What's That?


There is a new kid on the block when it comes to distributing cigars around the world. I came across this company while browsing the inter webs and the website really caught my eye. It looks modern, streamlined, and easy to understand. The Good Cigar Co. was founded by Will McQuain, a college student who used to sell them on campus. He took this idea of weekend retreats and campus sales and turned pro. The theme behind Good Cigar Co. is to make cigar smoking fun and comprehensible. Their approach is simple: "we find the best cigars from our favorite brands and factories, and we sell them in beautifully designed, humidity-sealed packaging with everything you need to light up and enjoy the cigar we’ve selected for you. Every pack includes a cutter, matches, detailed tasting notes and two perfect cigars..."

You can order three different levels of cigar intensity; Casual (mild), Classic ( Medium Intensity), and Aficionado (full bodied). As of right now there is no way to choose which cigars, just the intensity. Each humidity sealed pack also comes with two cigars, a box of matches, a cutter, detailed tasting notes, and instructions on how to cut and light your cigars; just in case you don't know. That makes sense to me, they don't assume you know everthing, or anything. You have to option to order one time for 25 dollars, a three month subscription for $65 (normally $75), or 6 months for $125 (normally ($150). You also have the option to order for a special gathering such as a Bachelor party or a wedding. You can start with 5 packs (10 cigars) for $100 all the way up to 10 packs (20 cigars) for $200. They even have custom orders for larger groups if necessary.

Taking this company for a test drive I ordered the Classic Pack from Good Cigar Co. and I have to say I really like their marketing. It reminds me a lot of Dollar Shave Club if I'm honest, but that's not a bad thing, I'm a member of them too so it was familiar to me. I was skeptical that because it was being shipped from CA to my hometown in TN that the cigars would be compromised by excess outside humidity. This was not the case, they came perfectly humidified and ready to go. I also like the accessories that come in the pack, which means if you're planning a camping trip or a party, you can just grab a pack and go without worrying about filling your pockets with cutters and lighters.

In the "classic" order I received two My Father Flor De Las Antilles box pressed Robustos. Two class favorites with impeccable flavor. There's a reason they made the top of the list in Cigar Aficionado. Perfectly humidified and great draw; the cigars were as good as a fresh batch from my local tobacconist shop.

It's true rags to riches fable, with the heart of a true entreprenuer at the helm William took his passion for cigars and turned into a profitable business. In this day and age with FDA trying to weed out all tobacco products you have to work smarter not harder. Good quality products plus great customer service is this company's recipe for success and I recommend anyone reading this to go to their website and try them out. You won't be disappointed.

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