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Cigar Reviews


I’ve read a ton of cigar reviews online and each of them have their own little twist to them. Any cigar smoker at all has at least read or possibly written at least one cigar review. But I ask, what is the virtue of a cigar review? Why do we read them, and more importantly, why do some people take these reviews as gospel before ever trying that cigar yourself? Reviews are designed to describe what kind of experience that smoker had at that time. There are various angles to approach reviewing a cigar. Some people use numerical index to rate them such as 1-5 or a 100 point scale, some write about them using eloquent and sometimes outlandish descriptions of flavors (i.e.”This has after tones of blueberry muffins and Eggs Benedict”), others just write a brief description the experience in thirds as the cigar burns. While others simply record tasting notes and burn time in a private journal. Braver souls will go further and do a video description of the cigar experience in “real time”.

Regardless of how you do it, when you write a review you want to share your experience with someone, even if that someone is just you.

In my case I joined a few friends of mine on social media where one of my friends Mark started a podcast to share our experience and thoughts on all things cigar related. Well, most things cigar related anyway. Cigar reviews can be a valuable guide prior to purchase. Do not, however, let these reviews skew your own perception. It’s important to remember we have different pallets and therefore may have different experiences with the same cigar.

It’s important to reduce as many distractions as you can while you record your review. You don’t want to write a review while you are in the middle of work or playing a round of golf because activities like these because you’re not focused on the cigar. Also, try to limit your alcoholic beverages while writing a cigar review. You don’t want to be drunk or impaired otherwise you may not remember what you taste or focus on your review. When in doubt, stick with ice water.

I recommend you set a place aside such as your favorite outdoor patio, home office, or cigar lounge. As well as enough time to review the cigar. If you try and rush through it, you run the risk of smoking the cigar faster which can cause the cigar to overheat and change the flavor profile.

If you want to have a numerical scale great, if not, that’s fine too; whatever works for you. Just be consistent and honest with yourself. Don’t write flavors you taste just to mimic someone else’s review. If you taste something different or have a different experience altogether, write it down.

My opinion, however, is not the only want that matters, please write to us or comment below if you have alternative point of view or any questions regarding this blog. Check us out on also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Thank you!

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