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If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

SO! The cigar in question is the L.G.C. La Gloria Cubana Glorias Extra Maduro. It was aging in my humidor for about a couple weeks before I got the chance to smoke it. Man, was I in for a treat. It has this rustic “raw” maduro wrapper leaf, full of lines, veins, and character. It gives you the impression you are in Old Havana smoking a cigar with the man himself, Ernesto Perez Carrillo, founder of La Gloria Cubana brand of cigars. I can tell you from experience after having met the man, that he truly does have a passion for his cigars and his customers’ satisfaction. He doesn’t just want to create a cigar for production’s sake, but rather an artisanal touch and it shows he cares about the product he puts on the market.

Those cigars are an extension of who he is and his attention to detail. An example as already mentioned is the La Glorias Extra Maduro. This cigar uses a Cuban seed blend from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, a Nicaraguan Binder, and overripe aged Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. This combination will give you a rich and flavorful smoking experience without compromise or regret. The draw is superb and the flavors are layered like a Tiramisu cake. Right off the bat you get notes of earth, leather, and dark cherries. As you continue to smoke it hints of black pepper and cedar dance on your pallet with smoke. The aroma is filling, but not overpowering. You could almost use this cigar as an aromatic in your house, if your spouse would ever let you smoke in the house amiright?

Anyway, this is a staple line for L.G.C. Family and has been around since the inception of the company. Now I can see why. Even though the vitola is only a 6.25 x 46, I tend to enjoy smaller ring gauge smokes because you tend to get more flavor from the wrapper without overpowering filler.

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