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So the thing is.....?

Those who chant together, should also act together. As we are all aware the cigar industry has, for whatever reason, taken quite the media beat down with all the laws being passed. Everything from raising the smoking age, heavier taxes, restrictive unconstitutional amendments, the list goes on and on. On top of all that over the past 10 years our industry has lost several cigar aficionado patriarchs; including Jose O. Padron, Gilberto Oliva Sr., and Alejandro Robaina. Since may of 2016 when USFDA chose options 1 to pretty much abolish all tobacco products nationwide, we have been putting up a little bit of a fight. We have peitioned our Congressmen and women, our senators and tobacco lobbyists. Despite the Government’s best efforts we have slowly prevailed and fought back. We have brought this cultural threat to the attention of anyone willing to listen to our cause.

I’m here to say that although we have made progress on multiple fronts, we are not out of the woods just yet. There is still a large amount of convoluted legislation to sort out and clean up before we are allowed to relax. We need to stand the fight, and although our country may never be what it once was, we will continue this uphill battle no matter what. Albert Einstein once said, “the important thing is not to stop trying”.

What I want to know is what effects have the new rules of the FDA had in your state, your city, or your county. I want to know how has the FDA have effected your smoking experience and what changes you were forced to make. Please share your experience and your thoughts on our website at, or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Stay tuned for our next podcast and we would like to share them on our show. Thank you for reading!

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