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  • Ben Balliro

Why You No Say Nothing?

You know, my friends and I make a podcast reviewing things mostly cigar related and we are usually smoking something to review before or during the episode. Now over the years I have smoked many cigars...many. Most of them tend to be everything from OK to outstanding. Every once in a while I run into a cigar that just doesn’t make the cut. Usually for me its a problem with the draw or a bland or burnt taste. Whatever your subpar experience may be, with access to the worldwide internets such as YouTube and Facebook we can so easily publicly bash our experience with the rest of the world. We vent about how this cigar is “over priced” or “ has burning issues”. I get it, you’re going to run into a cigar that might deserve some negative attention.

I recommend you email or message the manufacture directly about your experience. It takes less time and can prove to be a more valuable. Let’s face it, as a cigar manufacture you are making 1000’s sometimes millions of cigars per year. That’s a lot of tobacco to maintain plus you have the conditions of the cigar shop or online store to maintain them until you get it. There are hundreds of variables that could affect your smoking experience. I think it’s presumptuous to think that because a cigar that has a delicious online review but then disappoints you in person, makes it a bad line.

I’ve been guilty of both prejudging and post judging a cigar that I thought didn’t “live up to expectations”. Over the years though I have learned to not let one bad experience of that cigar completely ruin my perception of that brand. (Except for maybe Gurkha, jk) Whatever it is, don’t let that ruin your view of the brand. If you try and contact the manufacture directly you can turn your negative energy into something positive by helping the cigar plant focus on quality control for the next guy. It does a great service and sometimes they will send you a replacement cigar free of charge for your feedback.

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