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I’m a Cigar Lover, Inside and Out

Since I’ve moved into my new house I find myself smoking outside on my back deck more often. Not just because it’s convenient, but also because of the atmosphere. I know I know to truly enjoy a cigar it’s best smoked inside so you can enjoy the smoke in a climate controlled area. It’s sometimes too easy to run to a local cigar lounge (if there is one near you) and light up with your buddies. To prove my loyalty to myself as cigar enthusiest I purposefully inconvenience myself to enjoy my smoke outdoors. It’s sometimes difficult to enjoy a cigar outdoors unless the temperature, humidity, and shade are optimal. Well maybe not difficult but it can be uncomfortable. So what can you do to accommodate?

Well there are a couple of options, for example I choose to wake up a little earlier and choose a Connecticut or lighter Dominican cigar with espresso coffee to start my day. I find morning smokes desireable because one, I know I have a full day ahead of me, and two I get to feel the cool crisp morning air and a gentle sunrise: an astonomical compliment to mimic my own waking up.

Another option would be the same attitude just the opposite time. This again involves waking up early not to smoke, but to accomplish your work and chores earlier to have time in the afternoon to enjoy your cigar. This involves scheduling your tasks like work, golf, errands, or whatever so you have ample time to enjoy yourself later; a reward for a day well spent and a job well done.

The ultimate goal for most of us, however, is to have a job that works from home or have your own ventilated office where you can smoke throughout the day. One could argue that it might lose its appeal and anticipation if you smoke all day; but then I also look at cigar magazine writers who smoke all day for a living, and I don’t hear them complain so it must not be that bad.

However my opinion is not the only one that matters, if you have a inconvenience you want to share and how you overcome them for your cigar habit, drop us a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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