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Favorite Accessory

So Mark Jr. recently purchased a Palio cigar cutter online and was telling me about it. It’s well built and versatile because it’s designed to act as a cigar rest as well as a cutter. Also the blades are razor sharp surgical stainless steel for a cleaner cut and with fewer broken tobacco pieces in your mouth. So overall it seems to be worth its weight. Here is a link to

Now we usually review each other’a cigar accessories we purchase so we can discuss it. This got me thinking about cigar accessories in general. I thought, “well if I had to ask what would be my favorite cigar accessory? Is it my lighters? My cutters? My humidor?” I really had to think about it. I own a few accessories and I think one of my favorite is a red metal Xikar double blade teardrop cutter. It feels heavy in the hand which gives you the impression of quality and carefully engineered construction. It’s fedorned with red and silver almost tribal design and the blades are just as sharp as the day I got it. My friend Mark Sr gave me that cutter as a gift and I can say that it has performed flawlessly to date (knock on wood).

Some people are more lighter driven arguing that the quality of the light and even burn makes for a better smoking experience. Some argue that the cutter makes the deal because of the quality of the cut can affect whether it runs the risk of the wrapper coming unraveled and hurting the experience. Others will say that the humidor’s the most important because of how well it maintains the cigar. I know all of these accessories and others have an impact on the whole experience, but I am asking you what you believe your favorite accessory is and why. Drop up a line on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell us your thoughts.

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