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Emotional Taste Perception

Updated: May 8, 2020

Emotional Taste Perception. Sounds intriguing doesn’t it? Whether you are a novice or a veteran cigar smoker you have run into this topic either accidentally or on purpose. Emotional Taste Perception basically means sometimes your emotions can alter your perception of the cigars taste. See what I did there? I said the title thing in one sentence. Anyway, as a cigar smoker I enjoy smoking cigars in times of peace, relaxation, and harmony.

What happens is, and people who smoke cigars and travel all the time understand this, typically find themselves in a particularly relaxing situation. I am talking about being on the beach sipping cocktails, your favorite rooftop bar all to yourself, or on a cruise ship in the Bahamas. Sometimes you become emotionally wrapped up in your situation that the flavors and nuances of that cigar can taste enhanced. Your brain is combining the cigars flavors and performance with the heightened sense of emotional awareness. That “I’m on top of the world” type feeling.

Perhaps you are smoking a “cohiba” cigar from the Caribbean holiday trip and you say it’s “the best cigar you ever had”. In reality the statistics would say it could be a fake and unfortunately our minds can be hoodwinked into believing it was a delicious smoke.

The moral of the story is make sure the cigar you are smoking really is as good as you think, and not let your vacation alter your perception. These cigar makers get a lot of recognition and put in a lot of time and effort. Their products are held to a higher standard and you deserve to get your monies worth.

In this day and age things are becoming more hectic and stressful than ever. Our days seem shorter and our lives are going by faster. The entire virtue of smoking a cigar is to force yourself to relax and enjoy your an hour to hour and a half of mental decompression. My recommendation is set aside the proper time and take care of your affairs before you light up. You spent good money on that cigar and you should enjoy the cigar for what it is. If you can keep your emotions in check, you should have a better smoking experience. If you have a difference of opinion please write to us or leave a comment. We would love to hear from you and get your feedback. Thanks for reading, and happy smokes!

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