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B & M v. Dot & Com

Here at Cigar Tipsters we really enjoy our cigars, but this is not a cheap endeavor. Which means leaving us to find the best value for money. Where do you find this value? Well like everything else in our busy Iives we tend to shop online first before making a purchase. In an article published by they had this to say;

The 2018 Marist Poll study found that 56 percent of Americans prefer shopping in a physical store than online, if everything is equal. However, being able to shop at any time (64 percent), to find the item easily (62 percent) and to save time (61 percent) were all major reasons that could lead to people choosing to shop online.

But, if you shop online, doesn’t that mean your not supporting your local brick and mortar stores? To address this Invisible Dominican Elephant in the room let‘s take a look at a few comparing and contrasting reasons I came up to represent both sides of the coin. I have two schools of thought on this subject and my answer to this question is both yes And no. Hear me out, and tell me if you agree, or not I don’t really care.

Pros and Cons, simple enough exercise to contrast the two. Let’s first talk about stand alone stores.


Pros:-Personalized customer service

-Readily available inventory with humidor selection

-Cigars are typically stored at optimum temp and humidity.

-Cigar lounge to sit and relax away from home while enjoying a beverage

-Relationship with the management, staff, and other patrons

-Supporting local business

Cons:-usually more expensive because of staffing, overhead costs, and taxation

-Drive to destination and find parking

-Possibly too crowded and difficult relaxing (we’ve all been there, it happens)

-Subject to public and private events of store as well as store hours

What about shopping for cigars online?


Pros:-shipped right to your door

-Less expensive if purchased in bulk

-Shopping from multiple online sources for wider variety and selection

-Subscription services using customized selection of cigars for you

-Less risk of catching covid

-Comfort and convenience of your own home

-Less distractions

-No tipping

-24/7 access

Cons: -Does not support local busIness

-Unknown storage parameters such as sitting in a warehouse

-No face to face customer service or personalized experience with staff

-Subjected to making your own smoking lounge or risk smoking outdoors

-Cannot guarantee quality of products since they are purchased sight unseen.

In the end, despite these differences it’s up to you to decide which situation best suits you. If you want to shop online and not at a local store, my recommendation is at least make a monthly donation to a cigar charity or perhaps buy cigars online from that local store if it’s available. Regardless of where you get your cigars from, they are still made by hand from third world countries who still rely on your purchases and money to survive. The true spirit of a Brother or Sister of the Leaf is the comradery and support for one another both verbally and fiscally. Just the way it is. Have a difference of opinion? Let us know!

”We can work it out!”

-The Beatles

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