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Infused Cigars and Public Opinion.

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

I made a Twitter post showing a poll voting for one of three different cigars to choose from; a NUB infused, a Rocky Patel Java, and an ACID Kuba Kuba. Now, in case you‘re not sure what these cigars are, they are a little different from your average premium cigars. These cigars, as well as others, are still hand rolled premium cigars, but they are “infused” with some extra flavor. So how do they do that?

According to an infusion is a process that extracts chemical compounds or flavors from plant material into a solvent such as water, oil or alcohol, by allowing the material to remain suspended in the solvent over time. Different brands use similar processes and different chemical compounds to achieve the desired flavors. Now that we understand what infusion means, where am I going with all this?

Before when I mentioned about the poll tweet, Jefe Tinnell a.k.a. @DrewEstateMoFro on twitter replied to the post saying “Of course I’m biased yet have to say that I do not understand the animus many cigar smokers have in regards to infused smokes.” This brought up a unique topic of controversy. One could argue that a large population of “premium hand-rolled cigars” try to remain puritan Quakers for premium tobacco. I myself have chanted from mountaintops “no more additives! no more additives!”. I’ve written articles and posted on twitter how cigarettes have all these chemicals the only thing added to cigars is water; and some vegetable glue if you want to stretch it. However, like El Jefe said, “...I don't understand the animus...”

I want to make this perfectly clear, there is nothing wrong with enjoying an infused cigar. In my experience, premium cigar smokers do not generally smoke infused cigars on a regular basis, but we do every once in a while to break up the monotony. Personally I enjoy cigars like RP Java as a morning smoke with a cup of coffee. Maybe an Acid Kuba Kuba (one of the best selling cigars from Drew Estate). There are a few items, however, to keep in mind when enjoying an infused cigar.

1. Do not store these cigars in the same humidor with your non infused cigars. The flavorings can carry over and alter the flavors of your normal smokes.

2. I usually do not recommend an infused cigar as a first cigar to give to someone. Infused cigars can take a little getting used to, especially on the retrohale. The flavorings when the cigar is lit can have a burning sensation through the nasal cavity. Also, you don’t want that person to think that a natural cigar is generally that sweetened and aromatic.

3. I believe this is the most important. Don’t be ashamed and don’t prejudge. If you feel that smoking an infused cigar is only good for women or for sissies, you’d be wrong. Enjoying a premium cigar, infused or otherwise is not a crime, it’s the same endeavor to relax and if it has a little extra flavoring who cares? You smoke what you like and to hell with public opinion.

If you have another opinion on this subject and want to talk to me or Mark about it, please feel free to reach out. We’re here to help.

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