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Making the Cut

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Part 2…Since the debate whether to spend your money on expensive lighters is still ongoing, let’s talk about an accessory that I think you should spend a little money on…or a lot it’s up to you. Cigar cutters. Since we agree that quality of the flames are generally the same, it comes down to your personal preference on which lighter you want. Cigar cutters, however, are a little bit different. A bad lighter can be annoying, but a bad cutter can ruin your experience. How does a cheap cutter ruin your cigar? I’m glad you asked.

At the head of the cigar you have a cap which is adhered to the cigar using what’s called Goma. Goma is a flavorless vegetable based adhesive, like a natural glue. When a cutter does not slice through the the tobacco properly it can grab the cap and you run the risk of having the cigar unravel and a mouth full of tobacco bits. Very unpleasant experience. Now I’m not going to go through the smorgasbord of cigar cutters on the market and explain and review which ones I think are best. This blog is not an advertisement for that, there are far greater resources to find out which cutter is right for you. Personally I’m a fan of Xikar. It’s affordable and the quality does just fine for what I need. Average price is around 40-50 dollars, but it’s a long term investment and you get far more than 50 dollars worth of value from use.

The point is this…buy what makes you happy. Just don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because something is more expensive, means it’s a better product. I’m under the belief that a mid rage product does 95 percent of an expensive name brand product without the fancy price tag. Like I said, I’m here to learn. So what are your thoughts, do you believe in investing in a more expensive cutter? Or there another cigar accessory you should invest in?

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