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(My Father) Don Pepin Garcia Cuban Classic

Updated: Oct 6

The Don Pepin Garcia Cuban classic was the first blend developed in the Garcia Factory in Esteli Nicaragua. It uses all Nicaraguan tobacco with a Habano Rosado wrapper. This line of cigars is also known as Don Pepin black label and was first introduced in 2006. When it was reviewed in the fall of 2007 in Cigar Aficionado it was rated at 92, not bad for a cigar with an MSRP of around 8 dollars a piece. Don Pepin wanted to create a profile reminiscent of old world Cuba, but available to the public. So he developed the tobaccos from Nicaragua to capture the essence of the Cuban Cigar profile, but without Cuban tobacco which could limit the market.

Right away you start noticing attention to detail and construction. It has a smooth Habano wrapper with minimal veins from the underlying binder with consistent color and a Cuban tradition triple cap. From the prelight, even before you cut it, you get aromas or wood, nuts, and earth. A hearty profile right from the start, this is a good sign. Once lit you take a few puffs and you immediately get a perfect draw. Clean burn and almost razor sharp lines. This type of construction is limited to only the most experienced rollers where they skim no expense for quality. In my opinion, more often than not, if a cigar burns correctly, it means I can enjoy all the layers of the tobacco consistently and therefore a more pleasant smoking experience.

The first third is an opening of cedar, hint of spice, and earth tones; a continuation of the wrapper’s aroma. The second third open up even further with cedar wood and some leather and maybe some dried stone fruit. The last third towards the end started burning kind of hot so I set the cigar down to rest. Honestly it is tempting to smoke it too fast because it tastes so good! For tonight's ensemble I am pairing it with Whiskers Blake Tawny Port from Hardy's Wine. The sweetness of the Port compliments this cigar and vice versa.

This line of cigars is offere in four sizes:

Belicoso 1970 MSRP $8.20

Robusto 1979 MSRP $7.40

Toro 1950 MSRP $8

Toro Gordo MSRP $9

Overall I found this cigar to be excellent value and well worth it's weight. For other cigar reviews and blogs please visit our homepage and click reviews!


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