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My Ring Gauge is Small

Updated: 5 days ago

Here’s a topic that goes against the new societal trend of fatter ring gauge smokes, how about a smaller ring gauge? Many of us like to enjoy morning smokes and, if time permits, a larger cigar might suit your needs. If you’re like most cigar lovers, however, you only have a short time in the morning before getting ready for work. (Unless you work at a cigar lounge in which case you have all day to enjoy your day cigar in hand.) In my situation, usually have about 30-45 min in the morning before heading out to my day job. I tend to lean towards small Rg for that short burst of flavor and pleasure in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. Many people tend to overlook smaller Rg because of the perception that if there is less tobacco in your cigar then you’re enjoying as much flavor. Not so, in fact with a small Rg you tend to get more wrapper flavor, which is the most expensive and typically the most flavorful tobacco leaf in the cigar’s construction.

Here is a short list of smaller Rg smokes that I think you might enjoy that won’t break your bank, upset your stomach, or take up too much of your morning. If you have alternative favorites please write to us.

Drew Estate Shade Coronets 4x32

-Made in Nicaragua with an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper it’s a mild to medium body smoke with about 30-40 min of morning pleasure. Don’t let the size fool you, it’s full in flavor and perfect for your morning routine. MSRP for a pack of 50 is less then 90 bucks, so it’s easy on the pocketbook and you have plenty to keep you busy for a few weeks.

Liga Privada T52 Coronets 4x32

- This little cigar boasts a Connecticut Habano wrapper, Brazilian binder, and Honduran and Nicaraguan filler. This is like a smaller version of the Liga 9 that we all know and love. Rich in flavor with notes of dark espresso and almonds it’s a full bodied smoke to really get your senses going at first light. With an MSRP of less than 20 dollars for a pack of ten, you can add these to your collection without taking out a personal loan to acquire them.

Davidoff Minis Demi-tass 4x25

-Made in the Dominican Republic with a Sumatra wrapper and fillers from Brazil, DR, and Indonesia this cigar’s flavors are complex, even for a small Rg. Although the price is more than the previous two mentioned, you also get what you pay for. Davidoff has had a long history of quality smokes with extra aging and unmistakable Dominican flavor. With an MSRP of $150 for a box of 50, it’s still a bargain for the amount of enjoyment you receive for it’s size.

My point is don’t assume that just because a cigar is smaller, doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time or money. They tend to get overlooked for larger Rg smokes, it’s still a bargain and plenty of flavor that will not upset your matudicnal routine or waste half of a comparable larger Rg because you have other morning ablutions or a job to get to. My opinion is not the only one that matter, if you have an alternative opinion or suggestions, send us a message so we can compare notes on why I’m right. Thank you for reading.

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