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Take a Hike!

Since this whole pandemic started, people in general have found themselves with more free time than ever before. People‘s jobs have led them to work from home, many shops and restaurants are closed (or closing earlier than usual as a curfew), and people are spending more time enjoying the outdoors with friends and family because quite frankly, that‘s all that’s left to do anymore. I know it sound dreary that you can’t frequent your favorite bar or shopping center anymore, but that doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom for the average Premium tobacco consumer. I’ve used this time to enjoying more time outdoors. Remember the difference between ordinary, and extraordinary, is that little extra. (If you’ve seen the movie Waiting with Ryan Reynolds, you know what I’m talking about)

When it’s ever so slightly warm enough (here in Maine), I will plan my day off around a small hike or a walk around a coastal park of some kind. I also try to plan to go early in the morning so there are fewer patrons around when I make my debut puffing extravaganza. Understand this though, I make my decision around bending the rules and avoiding the general public, especially when families with children around. It’s a vice I choose to enjoy, and I don’t want anyone becoming upset or concerned over my decision. That said, I use whatever opportunities I can find to enjoy cigars in the outdoors. It’s very serene to enjoy cigars outside; whether on a hike, a trail, or even just walking your pet. No matter what outdoor activity you choose, have a cigar with you. Also remember to bring your smoking accessories such as a cutter, lighter, and perhaps a can of spare butane for you and others with you. There is a company called Good Cigar Co. whose sole purpose is to provide you with a travel bag of two cigars, a small Boveda pack, an inexpensive cutter, and matches. Their subscription is designed for you to “grab-and-go” so preparation is all ready done. You simply grab a bag, into the backpack, and off you go.

With all new smoking laws and outdoor smoking bans, it is becoming increasingly difficult to smoke cigars outside. However with a little patience, some research, and timing, it is still possible to enjoy a cigar outdoors without too much fuss and external detractors. My advice is do your research, plan ahead, and determine if you can find an obscure place (or permitted) location to enjoy your smoke. Do NOT, simply light your stogie anywhere you want if you are weary of being asked to leave or worse, fined for your crime. There is little joy in lighting a brand new cigar only to put it out immediately and asked to leave the premises. Smoke at your own risk, but if you plan it right it can be a memorable occasion and enhance your outdoor adventure. Thanks for reading, and leave a comment below if you want to share your experience or have questions,

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