• Ben Balliro

The Sun Shall Rise Again

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

I recently visited a friend of mine in Boston from my home in ME. Not even a two hour drive and I was already looking forward to getting out of dodge for a night and relaxing over bourbon and watching Jeopardy. Sounds cheesy I know, but I admit it was a blast being partially inebriated and missing most of the answers, or questions. The weather is just now starting to warm up and once again the ice is gently starting to melt the snow piles and relax the streets from slippery black ice. You can begin to enjoy mornings closer to the way you intend to; a view of the morning sunrise outdoors with breakfast, a complimentary beverage, and a cigar.

There is something very serene about watching a sunrise, moreover with a lit cigar in my hand . Maybe it’s the way the aromas capture our olfactories, or the way the smoke dances in the sunlight, or perhaps just the ritual of enjoying a natural product created with the help of that same energy not even 93 million miles from where you‘re sitting. I’ve always been a fan of morning smokes because it‘s a relaxing and delicious way to start your day. If you are a premium cigar smoker, and you have never experienced this matutinal ritual, then my advice is simple; plan it out the night before, know which cigar you want to enjoy, which breakfast items you want (try not smoke on an empty stomach), and of course what time sunrise is.

Pick a spot you are familiar and comfortable with, and where smoking is permitted. If it’s your own house then you simply do as you please, but I find being somewhere else away from your familiarities can help you focus on the relaxing part; like being absent from your computer, house chores, or other distractions. The goal here is to enjoy your time, your setup, and your pleasure. So dress warm (for now), get a plan put together, and premium stick to it. (See what I did there? I made a non-funny joke). Share your setup and experience with us here at Cigar Tipsters, and will mention it in our next podcast episode. Thanks for reading.

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